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Professional Sanitisation & Cleaning covering scotland

Quality assurance

At Cleaners Scotland, we place the highest value on providing quality customer service, in an efficient, discreet and thorough manner:

Quality assurance

We have an established network of customers situated in Scotland including letting agents, large organisations, private customers, commercial properties, schools and nurseries.

20 years of experience

Cleaners Scotland fully guarantees all of our services: we ensure the highest quality service through years of cleaning experience

20 years of experience

We use our own unique cleaning solutions to get your house or premises really clean - ask us today about our deep clean services, and after building cleaning solutions.


We aim to be one of the most affordable cleaning companies in Scotland while maintaining high quality.


Our cleaning prices are some of the best in Glasgow and Scotland, delivered by highly trained and comprehensively insured experts .

Reliable Domestic & Commercial cleaners

For a complete range of professional cleaning services as well as commercial cleaning, give us a call to discuss your requirements. We are one of the largest We offer residential and commercial cleaning services.

A Clean environment makes businesses thrive. Unless it is in the job-description, nobody is going to clean the office for you. Offices are huge and the machinery is too much.

Our staff from the Cleaners Scotland is professionally trained to assess the office and start the cleaning services to meet the requirements while prioritising the security and safety of the assets.

Leave the mopping and vacuuming to our reliable and expert cleaning professionals and you can focus on better things such as keeping your business running.

Reality is, you have you been staring at that vacuum cleaner incessantly for quite a while? We all have been there. The struggle of juggling work and home can be a bit too much. It gets hard particularly when you are multi-tasking and time is limited. In situations like these, cleaning a home gets dreary and you just do not find it in you.

Cleaning- This word sucks the wind out of sail for most. Well, now that we are done putting the cleaning task on the back burner for quite a while, it is time to get on it. Just this time, take professional help and get your home cleaned scrupulously. Courtesy- 


At Cleaners Scotland we aim to provide the best service by offering 24/7 availability so you can contact us resolve any problem whenever you need.

Vetted Cleaners

All our cleaners are high-qualified and vetted All of them are being trained according to the latest cleaning standards.

Our Services

Professional Cleaning Services throughout Scotland

We were born to clean. We’re just wired that way. There’s nothing we like better than getting stuck in to a dirty home and making it sparkle again.

How We Work

The services are pegged as per the size of your home, your particular cleaning requirement, budget and schedule. Just this and you are set for a cleaner and healthier home.

Pick up a slot

A day and time of your choosing and we promise to be at your doorstep


Give us a call or send an email to book an appointment.


Fully equipped professionals will show up on the exact time at the exact location.

What sets us apart?

We Provide: help with any domestic problem. You can choose the service from our list, or if you need any other maintenance help, we will gladly do even non-standard work!


Our professionals are well trained and have served customers daily. They value a good compliment. There is no cutting the corner or skipping the stair. Our professionals are well equipped, and they know how to use the equipment efficiently. The know-how gets it going- Big or small, cleaner places is what drives us.


We know it took efforts to book that slot. We know that you live a busy life and cannot afford a goof up. We will show up just when we promised, and you will get a clean place just like you thought. Our services are guaranteed, and you will get them just how you wanted. No delays and no cancellations from our hands. That is our promise.

Screened professionals

We know that you want skilled professionals to do your job. We have made sure that our staff is trained and qualified before giving a thumbs up. Our professionals are thoroughly screened, and we promise the right skill set for the right kind of job. We have vowed to provide you with the best and that is what we strive for.


Time is priceless. Nobody has got it in abundance. We understand that each booking is confirmed at your end only after thoroughly going through your schedule. You can book us when it is good for you. You can reschedule and cancel easily if you have to on 24 hours’ notice


end of tenancy cleans


domestic cleans


QUALIFIEd cleaners


years of experience

We save time and money

You know what you want clean and we know how much it is going to cost. We will inform about the prices upfront and there are no hidden charges. The cleaning professionals will get your place all sparked up and be sure that it won’t put a hole in your pocket.

Our professionals are going to understand your needs and preferences and work around that. You can customize your cleaning services as per your requirement. If you didn’t get enough time getting the laundry done or clean that smelly refrigerator- let us know.

You can add this as extra and we will get it done. Time is the essence. We mean an hour when we say an hour. You will have a clean house just when you are promised

Hassle-free bookings

You can schedule your cleaning services weekly, monthly or whatever suits your calendar. We have never missed a booking and we never will. You can always cancel and reschedule if something comes up with a 24-hour notice.

Our platform is best suited to make your experience a smooth one. Our payment system is secure and easy. We are talking with an expertise of over 6 years and endless bookings. Our Cleaners Scotand happiness guarantee will make sure that nothing upsets you.

Our professionals are willing to work just as you want them. They know what clean means and you won’t have to spend time invigilating them. Just give us a try and see how easy life can be.

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